Why Tutoring?

Why Tutoring?

Top 10 Reasons

Why Boundless Movement  LLC. is

Your #1 Choice for Tutoring Services

1. Professional Teachers

We hire only certified teachers that have degrees in education and years of experience working with children.  Teaching is an art and you have to hire a professional if you want results!

2. Consistency

Your child is matched with a teacher that can support his or her specific needs.  Your child will work with this same teacher weekly.  This gives your child the chance to develop a positive relationship with a teacher that can last over time. 

3. Personal Relationships

As a parent you also get to form a great relationship with this teacher as you speak weekly about the progress your child is making.  Your teacher will be a great resource to support you as you help your child academically and socially.

4. Personalized Lessons

We want your child to LOVE learning and feel confident in school.  We plan each session tailored to his or her needs, interests and learning style.  There is no cookie cutter approach.  We want your child to race to you after a session with a smile, ready to share new skills and ideas from the session!

5. Schedule

You choose the time and day that works for your schedule.  We know kids have busy lives after school between sports and other extra curricular activities.  We also understand the value in these enrichment opportunities, which is why we set a weekly session around your schedule. 

6. Location

We meet at a location that is convenient to you.  Driving far at the end of the long day can be a hassle, which is why we meet you at a local library.

7. No Long Term Contracts

You are not locked into a long term contract with Boundless Movement LLC.  We feel confident you will want to stay with us when you see the great progress and confidence your child gains.  For any reason sessions aren’t working out, you can terminate your sessions. 

8.  School Communication

We are happy to contact your child’s teacher or teachers if it’s ok with you.  We enjoy working as a team so we can support them with what they are learning in school.  We take the time to email or phone them periodically for updates or when you have concerns.

9. Child Advocates

We are happy to advocate for your child at meetings and PPTs.  We get to know your child well and can be a helpful resource during a team meeting. 

  1. 10. Affordable

We offer reasonable rates for your time with an experienced teacher! 

We know as a parent you seek only the best for your child.  That is why we go above and beyond to be the top tutoring service in Hartford County. 

When your child feels bad about school or has no confidence in an area it can be heartbreaking to watch.  You probably do all you can to help with homework, just to be battled nightly and told, “that’s not the way the teacher showed us.”  Enough is enough; it’s time to put the joy back into school!

When you invest in tutoring for your child, you give them the priceless gift of education.  Supporting your child at an early age by making sure that he or she progresses at or above grade level will help him or her tremendously in the years to come.  Subjects your child used to dread become enjoyable as his or her knowledge, skills and confidence increase!   Learning should be fun and children should feel successful!

~Does your child struggle with homework?

~Does he HATE a certain subject?

~Does your child doubt his/her abilities? 

~Do you feel her needs are being met in class or does she need more?